A vacation at the Castle Castello Izzalini in Umbria, Italy

Published: 30th June 2009
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The wife and I have just returned from a vacation at the Castle Castello Izzalini an exclusive complex of 15 luxuriously furnished vacation homes in Izzalini near Todi in the region of Umbria, Italy. It's a tranquil, idyllic and rewarding place to unwind for a week or two.

We meet many other guests. In partocular we lunched with Sandra and Don Kingsley at the only bar come restaurant in a group of 7 houses that form the village of Izzalini. Eating local Crescia, a salty pizza bread base with herbs, and the excellent Torgiano Rosso DOC not to be confused with the Torgiano Rosso Riserva DOCQ that can be expensive, we chewed over the local food and wine. Sandra says "This part of Umbria is very peaceful with the exception of Todi just 8km away that gets very touristy. There is no much to admire that a week is not enough. With over 2 Reserve, 11 controlled and 6 local wines to taste you need more time". The small village of Izzalini Todi, Umbria Italy holds a special place in the history of the castle.

Home to an ancient brigand the castle still holds mystic and charm, but now with a hint of modern touches in the beautiful apartments - a magnificent, significant and historical landmark for the region Umbria Italy. I found the historical references quite astonishing. In every apartment and in corner the restored touches were extraordinarily crafted. In 1194 the Castle Castello Izzalini was fortified by a mercenary leader of brigands called Ezzalino da Romano from whom the Castle and village tales its name. This captain of thieves took possession of the Castle Castello Izzalini complete with turrets and canon port holes to strengthen his position in the Valley below.

Architect Stefano del Pinto of Rome was visiting to professionally evaluate it for a client and commented over a glass of Sagrantino di Montefalso - "The d├ęcor of the historical homes of Castle Castello Izzalini are a modern interpretation of the style of ancient furniture used in the Middle Ages, and is tastefully combined with conveniences of today.". He continued by emphasising "Local Umbrian craftsmen are known for their adherence to traditional and historical aspects"

Constructor Sergio Vincioni was taking time off to relax in luxurious surroundings stated "The location around Todi is great" he continued "Todi is rich in art, history and culture with many all year round festivals organized by Umbrian region of central Italy". He added "Vacation rentals like are ideal for relaxation, but then again not many people are in the market to vacation in a Castle"

The peaceful countryside and the nearby oak and chestnut forest are perfect for walks or mountain biking, the enormous, ancient stone castle is ideal for privacy, and the varied Umbrian cuisine makes this place an ideal location to relax. This location of Umbria will provide a peace vacation for any visitor. Steeped in history, and filled to the ramparts with colorful legends and myths. The ideal location to vacation in.


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