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Published: 30th June 2009
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Yaeger CPA Review offers reasonable, educational, and efficient online CPA review courses that may certainly help people improve their understanding on countless accounting concepts and topics.

For individuals who are in search for academic establishments that provide reasonable and educational CPA review courses, they should take a look at the offerings of Yaeger CPA Review. This school allows students to extend their understanding on the important ideas related to accounting without spending too much. Additionally, to help them pass their accounting licensure examinations, it introduces educational innovations that students may find very useful in learning their lessons.

Yaeger Homestudy - Complete Course
For the cost of $1,550, students can already sign up to a total accounting review course at Yaeger. As soon as they register in this course, students get a DVD or a USB drive that incorporates the lessons that they need to study. This CPA review course will surely help students learn more and improve their understanding on the field by exploring vital subjects like financial accounting, checking, and business environment. This special package features 2009 textbooks written and broadcast by Wiley CPA Review, handouts prepared by instructors at the review center, and accounting practice software. Whenever students have questions about the subjects covered at this home-study course, they can always talk to any of the teachers at this number, 301-340-3344.

Yaeger Homestudy-Auditing and Attestation
For those that can't avail the complete Home CPA Review Course, they can sign up to Yager-Homestudy-Auditing and Attestation course. This package features checking handouts prepared by lecturers at the review center. Additionally, it includes a 2009 textbook about checking printed by Wiley CPA Review.

Yaeger Homestudy-Business Environment and Concepts
This is another engaging review course that accounting students can try at Yaeger CPA Review. It incorporates a textbook about business environment penned by Wiley Review. Additionally, it has practice software to enhance the understanding and awareness of students on the concepts tackled in this special video course.

Yaeger Homestudy-Focus Notes
This is extraordinarily beneficial for those that need to pass the accounting licensure exam because it includes four sets of handouts authored by instructors at Yaeger. It also includes focus notes prepared by Wiley Review. Moreover, the video course comes with a practice CD-Rom that features multiple choice investigations, diagnostic feedback, as well as direct access to the hotline of the review center.

Yaeger Homestudy - Study Buddy
For review students who wish to extend their knowledge on accounting concepts they can sign up to this video course. This includes many textbooks on countless subjects covered in the topic. In addition, it has a practice CD-Rom that helps students test their understanding on accounting by providing challenging and troublesome multiple-choice questions.

These are only few of the special online courses students can try at Yaeger CPA Review. Except for being educational, these courses are very cost-efficient and beneficial. For those that like to enroll, they can take a look at the website of the review college to understand more about these video courses.Click these links for a review of the Yaeger CPA Review program.

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