Dance styles of Michael Jackson

Published: 17th July 2009
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The style of dance of Michael Jackson is unique, different, everything!

In fact, "was" and remains (on video) unbelievable.

His dancing (which is what I'm specialized) is based on his two "fathers of art" Fred Astaire and James Brown.

It has always blended several styles, creating a unique style. One style that mixes his own steps were (or their choreographers) that are original, as it is a magic trick. Look like magic tricks always come new and surprising? You must do this with your footsteps.

For Michael it was difficult to classify, and every style you caught their people to say "yes, it's my style."

The urban hip hop was one of them, plan where you can move a robot body parts and some not. Typically (for non-understood) is called to do the robot.

Hip hop has always been very present in his footsteps, not so much the break (not on the ground) but a mixture of several.

Learn urban hip hop is not easy, but you must have the ability and desire to do so. From television to video on the internet, you can learn a lot of things you never think you could see or do it yourself.

Move it, and brings forth the best dancer inside of you, you do not know what your body can do until you find yourself.

David Avila

David Avila, known as "bailamj"
founder of the first group mj dance in Spain.
One of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in the world.
Teaches thousands of fans and aficionados of the dance to feel the ball as well as practical.
Urban. Hip hop

Video Source: Youtube

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