Different Types of Acoustic Guitars

Published: 23rd June 2008
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There are several kinds of guitars. The two main common ones are acoustic and electric. Within these two types of guitars lies different kinds of variations.

The most common guitar that many people have in their house is the acoustic guitar. It is the one that is made out of wood and varies in size. Parents usually buy their smaller kids small guitars so that they can actually play it. The size of a guitar for a kids is about 30 centimeters long and have very thin strings. Adults usually use the average size one which is about a meter long.

The nice thing about the acoustic guitar is that is does not have to be connected to a power supply and you can actually carry it when you travel. People like to take it to parties but most of all many people love the idea of taking it when they go camping in the summer.

There are a number of guitars that fall into the acoustic guitar group. Here is a small list of them:

Flamenco acoustic guitar:

The kind of guitar is very close to the classical one but a little slimmer. It produces a crisper sound. A flamenco guitar is a type of guitar, built for the purpose of playing Flamenco music. Flamenco guitar can also refer to toque, the guitar-playing part of the art of Flamenco.

Classical acoustic guitar:

This type of guitar is what most beginners choose to use and it is played sitting down. It has a modern guitar shape. The individual strings are usually plucked with the fingers or the fingernails as opposed to using a plectrum.

Twelve strings acoustic guitar:

The twelve string guitar is an acoustic guitar with twelve strings, which produces a richer and more ringing tone than a standard six string guitar. It's a type of guitar with a natural chorus effect due to the subtle differences in string timbre.

Resonator acoustic guitar:

A resonator guitar is an acoustic guitar whose sound is produced by one or more metal cones or resonators instead of the wooden soundboard. A resonator guitar is usually played by blues guitar players.

Learning to play the guitar is all about having fun. If you aren't, then what's the point? There are a good amount of guitar lessons online that you will need to pay money for if you want to get started.

Good luck to you.


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