Does Marini lash work?

Published: 07th August 2009
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Marini Lash is an invention of Jan Marini, who has been producing outstanding skin care products since 1989. in these years Jan Marini has enjoyed a good reputation in the market for her MD Formulations glycolic acid products.

Marini Lash does not contain any harmful ingredients like bitamoprost, or analogues of prostaglandins. These ingredients are considered harmful, because although grow your eyelashes but they have various other side effects as well like discoloring your eyes or making you loose your vision.

Marini Lash mostly consists of hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans, moisturizers and sodium hyaluronate. It also consists of vitamin E, vitamin B12, pentapeptide-17, some fatty acids synthetic peptides, and. Biotin.

It has natural ingredients like white tea and horse chestnut and cinnamon. All of these boost hair growth

Marini Lash - Facts:

Jan Marini is a famous brand consisting total eight products ranging from hair needs, skin care and eye lashes. The most popular amongst them is Marini Line that contains hair care and eye lash products.

A popular product of Marini Line Marini Lash is present in the market through legal distributors or on Jan Marini's official website. It is sold at a price of $160 and promises to return you the luscious lashes that you desire. Its ingredients consist of peptide blend and non-prostaglandin formulation, Biotin, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, White Tea leaf and Cinnamon Bark extract.

It is applied like eye liner and it shows its true effects after three weeks use. The new formula which is recently introduced in the market is considered not so effective as its previous versions, but yet it has satisfied many.

Positive Features:

• Marini Lash is made out of natural ingredients.

• Marini Lash manufacturer is a company having a strong history of innovative skin care products.

• A tube of Marini Lash can last up to six months.

Negative Features:

• The price tag of $ 160 is too expensive, only rich people can afford it.

• All the websites marketing Marini Lash do not give information on clinical research. .

Marini Lash - Conclusion

All those women out there wishing to have long healthy and fill lashes can depend on Marini Lash, the most innovative product of Jan Marini yet. Although provision of no clinical research and expensive price tags are two risky elements attached to this product. But the reviews show that individuals who have used it have experienced long lusty eyelashes in six months.For details visit:

Marini Lash does not contain any harmful ingredients like bitamoprost, or analogues of prostaglandins. Does marini lash work? can be known from above site.

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