Four Question to Ask Before buying a Ferret From One of the Ferret Breeders, Pet Stores or Shelter?

Published: 13th August 2009
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If you want top of the line ferret than a private breeder is the way to go. Private breeders are more expensive with papers but worth it if you are going to breed or show your ferret. Good breeders will...

The first question is should I purchase a ferret? For my family and me a ferret is a good pet? The average life span of a ferret is around eight years. Should I get a male or a female ferret and if I get a female ferret, do I want to breed her? These questions and more should be answered and researched before you want to bring a ferret home. When purchasing a ferret you should be alert to clear eyes, has a healthy and shinny coat, strong whiskers and teeth, and finally their personality.

The second question is- Is purchasing my ferret at a pet store right for me? Pet stores are basically the main place people think of when they want to purchase a pet they don't think of ferret breeders. Make sure that the store employees know about ferrets and can answer your questions, ferrets are usually brought to pet stores in mass production and therefore, they are a little smaller than they would be from private ferret breeders. Be sure to ask that they give you a written health guarantee if you purchase your ferret from a pet store. If you do not offer you a health guarantee, that usually means they are not healthy and would be wise to look elsewhere for your pet. Do not buy your ferret on first impulse. Check back often to make sure he or she looks good always. Occasionlly ferrets from petstores may not be socialized enough for humans to bring into their family, pet stores tend to sell ferrets too early. These ferrets need special care and patience, so it is a good idea to purchase your pet elsewhere.

The third question is Should I purchase from one of the many ferret breeders? If you want top of the line ferret than a private breeder is the way to go. If you are going to breed or show your ferret private breeders may be more expensive but thet can provide you with papers. A bad breeder just wants to sell their ferrets whereas good breeders will want to work with you, honest and be helpful.

The fourth question is Should I adopt my ferret from a shelter and pay the adoption fee? A shelter is a fine place to adopt a pet and a ferret is no exception. Shelters have all kinds of animals and ferrets need homes too. To adopt a ferret the fees will range between $50-$100 which is less than elsewhere. It is a lot cheaper than purchasing a ferret elsewhere. A shelter ferret may be a little older than a pet store or a breeder would sell their ferrets them as babies. Shelter worker will know the personalities of each ferret an adopted ferret plus they will all ready be litter and nipped trained. It may be a lot more rewarding to adopt a ferret instead of purchasing elsewhere.

Shelters will ask questions to be sure that you will be a good pet owner, they want to find good families for their pets. If he or she does not work out with you at home most shelters will let you bring back your ferret. Adoption costs are lower than most places and is a great way to help support your local shelter. The kits will probably be little box trained and a little older than most places would sell them.

The four reasons to leave ferret breeding to ferret breeders is where do I purchase a ferret, whether it is by a pet store, private breeder, or by adoption. Your ferret will become your best friends any way you Choose, you just make sureit will be the best way for you!


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