Four Simple Ways to Help You Gain New Perspectives and Get Unstuck

Published: 31st October 2008
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Has it ever happened to you that you are trying to get something done but you feel stuck and unable to find the solution?

Sometimes, the obvious really isn't so while the solution can be as simple as gaining a new perspective from a different angle: look from above, take a few steps back, turn to the sides or turn around - and you may find an exit. If not, build your own ladder to climb over the wall.

Here are four simple ways to help you gain new perspectives so you can get unstuck from your situation. Before you begin any of the following, you need to first identify your challenge and what it is you would like to achieve.

Do things differently; change your routine. Pay attention to how you are thinking about the subject on hand. Do you observe a tendency to address all your problems the same way? For example, do you typically look at your business issue from a customer satisfaction's viewpoint to the detriment of your profitability? A great way to get used to new perspectives is to start bringing in changes to your daily activities, to do things in a new way. Mix up your routine. Take a different route to work. Sit at a different seat at the business meeting or sit besides a new person each time. Pay attention to things that you normally don't.

Meet people with diverse experiences. Join various interest groups and exchange ideas with people from a broad range of disciplines. It will probably surprise you when you see how many different viewpoints there can be on one single subject. Your perspective is only based on your experiences. Since everyone has different experiences, interests and focus, widening your circle of friends is similar to instantly widening your experiences.

Brainstorm. If possible, bring together a group of people that can share ideas together, perhaps having this group as an organized brainstorming team. The goal of a brainstorming session is to come up with as many potential solutions to a problem as possible. The idea generation process needs to be done without censor, judgment or evaluation. This encourages creative problem solving and exploring perspectives that have previously been quickly ruled out for fear of being impractical or ridiculed.

Learn from experts, mentors and coaches. Sometimes, the fastest way to gain a new perspective is to learn from someone who is experienced in the field. Take a course, read a book or consult an expert. When you are working with a mentor or a coach you will be able to get insights from someone that has experienced similar situations as yours. This allows you to borrow from their experiences and cut short your learning curve.

Keep an open mind to new ideas. Don't rule out any ideas quickly. Have an open mind and think outside the box since there can be so many different ways to accomplish the same task. Give the above suggestions a try. Sometimes, you can gain a fresh new perspective by simply taking a break to allow room for new ideas to enter your mind.


Corinne Lor is a success coach for business professionals and people in transition. She is helping them to combine a successful business life with a joyous private life. Corinne is offering private individual coaching sessions as well as group coaching teleseminars.

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