How to Make an Untraceable Phone Call

Published: 11th August 2009
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Sometimes people wish to make untraceable phone calls. There are many reasons why a person would want one. There are several ways on how to make an untraceable phone call. Also, technology today makes it possible to make an untraceable phone call. Examples of these are disposable mobile phones and softphones. These items reduce the chance that a call can be traced or tracked.

Hiding the Phone Number:

If telephone is the only option to make a call, securing the phone number is one way to make an untraceable phone call. Before calling somebody, one just has to press the keys *67. By doing this, the caller's phone number will be concealed to the receiver's caller ID. However, even if the caller's phone number is concealed in the caller ID, if the receiver wants to know the caller's number, he should only press *57. Also, the caller's number can be traced through automatic number identification (ANI). ANI is a service actually used by 911, 800 and 900 numbers to know the source of the phone call.

Using the Softphone:

A softphone is computer software used for doing telephone calls via Internet. Only a computer and this software are required. No need to add hardware. A softphone in a computer screen looks like a phone image. It is designed to work like the typical telephone where buttons and panel are display for interaction with user.

This software is reliable in making phone calls via the Internet. Since the call is made via Internet, chances of tracking or tracing the phone call are minimized. To almost eradicate the possibility of tracking a call, better use a proxy server that is free which hides the true IP address of the computer. Free proxy server is a site that allows a web surfer to visit different websites without any restrictions and one can surf anonymously.

Using Payphones and Disposable Cellular Phones:

Payphones and disposable cellular phones are the other devices that can be used to make an untraceable phone call. When using a payphone, make sure that there are no security cameras inside the phone booth. Inspect first the area where the phone booth is located. Security cameras are helpful when tracking or tracing phone calls. For a more confidential and untraceable phone call, better purchase a disposable cellular phone. Just make sure that after making the phone call to turn off the disposable phone immediately. Turning off the phone decreases the risk to be tracked or traced. Also, don't forget to limit the call time to only 15 minutes and to throw away the disposable phone after being used. However, there are available devices that can now trace a call in only 20 seconds.

A reminder if making an untraceable phone call: Do not use the ability to make an untraceable phone call to harass and scam other people. Untraceable phone calls are advised to increase security.Please click these links if you want to know more about how to make an untraceable phone call or how to make an untraceable phone call in general.

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