How to tell your boss your expecting!

Published: 10th January 2007
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By Roxanna Ward
Great news, you're having a baby! Not everybody will find he news so
great. Eventually you are going to start glowing and people around
you are going to notice that you are pregnant. So, before it becomes
a rumor, tell your direct supervisor. Don't tell him in a letter or
email. Do it in person. Then you can tell your other co-workers.
Set up a meeting with your boss to review the upcoming changes. You
should discuss your pending maternity leave. Who will cover for you
and will you be given plenty of time to train the right person. How
does your company deal with unexpected difficulties like unplanned
bedrest or hospitalization? How long will you be away from work and
do you plan on returning? Do they offer work from home
opportunities? Find out your companies policies as far as your how
your seniority will be affected by a leave of absence. Will your
time away affect your next pay increase? Find out from other co-
workers what they have negotiated in the past so you will have a
guideline to go by. Prepare a proposal of your needs and desires so
that you are preparred for the meeting. But be flexable to get what
you want.

After you know your companies policies, know your rights. Find out
what federal rights you are entitled to after giving birth. Is a
there a time limit? Are there a number of required hours you must
have been employed? Your local government branch should have some
information for you. If at any time you feel you have been
discriminated against due to your pregnancy, contact legal advise.

Remain open minded and not paranoid. Just because your boss is a
successful single person without children, does not mean that he is
upset over your news. Being open and honest early on in your
pregnancy, can lead to a stree free working enviroment. Chances are
that your co-workers are going to be thrilled to celebrate this
occasion with you and the rest of your family.

Roxanna Ward, Community leader and staff writer for, lives in Georgia with her husband and
her three children. As a published freelance writer the focus of her
writing is concentrated on sharing household tips, her experience
with her frugal lifestyle as well as the phenomenal process of
breastfeeding, child rearing related issues and romantic
relationships. She is also currently the Editor of three newsletters:
What's New at BabyU?, Intimate Encounters and At Home with Baby
University. Roxanna can be contacted at Roxanna30135@...

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