Jacuzzi Hot Tub Questions and Answers

Published: 19th July 2009
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There are many questions to consider and resolve when one has decided to install a Hot Tub for example one of the very first ones is where will you locate the Jacuzzi Spa?

There of course various and many choices depending on your property.

Perhaps it might be indoors but this would be dependent on access.

Alternatively and usually the favourite is outside perhaps in a rear or front garden or what many people often prefer, on a terrace or a roof terrace if possible.

There are many possible locations to consider, but if it is going to be placed on a roof terrace then one of the most important ones is that the Spa is going to be placed on a weight bearing foundation that can support the weight of the Hot Tub with water and say 4/5 occupants.

It is very important that the base on where the Jacuzzi is to be situated is level and of a good texture and strength through out and there is no point if it is just strong at one end and weak in the middle.

One idea for a foundation or a base could be a concrete layer with a thickness of 15 centimeters this should be placed on to a base of hard core comprising of broken bricks and gravel which has been laid and compounded so that the concrete has something to key too.

Sometimes it can be a good idea to add some strength to the base. Perhaps bars of reinforced steel - some people use concrete roof beams or small RSJ's Rolled Steel Joists.

When a Jacuzzi is going to be installed on wooden decking the same, kind of considerations have to be made. A guide for the total weight is approximately 100 lbs per square foot.

If a Hot Tub is to be sunken in decking it is essential that consideration has to be given to access for servicing or routine maintenance.

I have seen many Hot Tub installations that look nice but are in fact impossible to access. There is no doubt that at some time in the future, access will be needed in the same way that one needs to access the bonnet or hood of a car to change the filters or the battery.

If a Spa is located inside you need to be aware that as the Spa will run at a high temperature it is going to give off some moisture and this could, of course, accumulate on the floors, walls and ceilings in your property. To avoid and combat this area of the location of the Spa will need good ventilation so as to be able to reduce and help eliminate this.

If one does place a Hot Tub indoors, perhaps in a Gym, then obviously there will be a considerable amount of water inside the Jacuzzi. You most consider the implications if for what ever reason a leak occurred.

A child simply opening the drain valve by accident one evening could mean that you might wake up in water.

If it is going to be placed inside a property one has to have an effective drainage system in place and ensure that if there be any leaks that the water can drain away harmlessly.

For many Hot Tub owners the favourite location remains the outside for many reasons.

The main reason is that The Jacuzzi can be used through out the year, that is for a full 365 days, perhaps to warm up on a winters evening or to cool off on a warm sultry day.

Obviously when a Hot Tub is placed outside it will be much more exposed to the elements and when using the Jacuzzi you will need to wear bath slippers or equivalent as you walk to the Jacuzzi to keep the water as clear as possible.

A cover which is insulated is very important irrespective of where the spa is placed. Not only is the cover essential for retaining heat it is a very useful safety feature as it can be locked to stop small children or pets falling in the Spa.


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