My Boyfriend Dumped Me, What Can I Do Next?

Published: 31st August 2009
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You Really loved him, but now has left and the relationship could be over. He may have left you for another girl, or just stated that he wanted time to think. Whatever his excuses was, there is a pretty good chance that it just didn't make any sense to you. If your boyfriend dumped you, there is only one thing you can do about it, and that is to try to get him back before to much time passes.

It may seem like it is to hard at this point, especially if he has fallen for someone else. But no matter the circumstance, getting back your ex can be done if you make an effort. You have most likely already tried a few times to get him back, none of which have worked. Now that your boyfriend dumped you, you are going to have to convince him to believe that what he did was a huge mistake. This doesn't mean you call him up on the telephone and actually tell him this, but what you are going to do is make him feel this way.

How are you going to do that? By playing it cool. Stop with the compulsive phone calls for now. All ex's seem to develop this destructive habit almost automatically. What you do not realize is that obsessive calling, texting, and emailing will only prolong your chances of getting him back with you. When your boyfriend dumped you, that was a real sign that the relationship was over, but only for now.

When a relationship ends, that is it for that time. Relationships can always start back up again, but they must do so naturally. Think about the first time you and him got together. Did you just go up to him and say, "I love you so much!! Please be with me because I can't live without you!!!" or did you just let things develop without force? Think about it. You cannot force a relationship. There will be another time for starting over, but that time is not this minute. You need to focus on gaining his interest and attention all over again, and you need to do this in a very subtle way. Work on yourself. If there is anything you have been putting off for yourself like obtaining a degree, losing a few pounds, getting a new haircut, then use this time to treat yourself. You deserve it.

After you stop with the compulsive calls, he will begin to think about you more. Thoughts of you will begin to cross his mind when he listens to certain songs, smells certain scents, and sees certain people. This is something that just naturally occurs without force. All the while, you are going to be out enjoying your life as a single lady, or at least do your best to appear that way. Just leave him alone, that is the only way. If you share mutual friends together, tell them nothing but great things about your life. Remember that your boyfriend dumped you and is going to wonder why you are so happy now.

It will not be long after you begin acting happy and with a positive attitude that he starts to question what is going on with you. If he is with someone else, do not worry, the "newness" of his new relationship will wear off fast, especially when he hears you are happy now without him. Men cannot stand that sort of thing. They want what appears to be out of reach, that is what is attractive to them.

So go ahead, go out with your friends, and don't be afraid to be happy! Even though your boyfriend dumped you, it isn't the end of the world. You will have your chance with him again.


If you're good for each other, things will work out. By acting confident and grown up, you heighten your chances of getting him to come back to you. If you want to stay together, fix it. It is worth it. For more help you can look into one of the Best Relationship Systems that is available, at It will take you by the hand and show you exactly what to do and what to say to get your ex lover back.

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