My Testimonial Experiences Using DMSO ( Dimethyl SulfOxide )

Published: 17th March 2009
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My first experience with using DMSO was as a marathon runner running with the Greater Boston Track Club in 1982, I believe. I had been running 100 miles a week for 3 weeks straight and was at a track workout at the indoor track at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology running 200 meter-400 ladder sprints with a fellow GBTC member by the name of John. As I was attempting to sprint past him on the homestretch of a 200 meter sprint, I felt a horrible rip and immediately started hopping on my left leg because my right Achilles heel had suffered a tear. After I finally got back to starting line, John jogged around and asked me what was wrong and we both decided I must have pulled or ripped my Achilles tendon. A couple of other runners gathered around, one saying that it would be at least 6 months before I could run competitively again. Others said maybe 5 months if I was very lucky. I was devastated because I was well into a core regime to bring my time down well below 2 hours and 50 minutes and to bring my 50 mile time below 6 hours and 30 minutes. But John, then told me about his experience of using DMSO and suggested I might buy some a local health food store that was subsequently bought by the big chain: Whole Foods.

So I marched off limping like a wounded soldier. I've spent 16 years in the Army,National Guard and Army Reserve. I had bought some DMSO and within a half an hour after putting it on,the really horrible pain was gone in my heel. I resumed jogging within 2 weeks and was competitively running again within 5-6 weeks which,according to most accounts,is remarkable.

My second experience with DMSO was when I was building the second floor of my storage compartments in my warehouse at 59 Amory St. 1in 1988.I had just lost a $10,000 construction contract in Wayland, so I was distracted and tired at 10 p.m. at night. I stepped back onto a home made ladder without checking it first and fell 10 ft. onto the ladder on my back. I screamed for half an hour. It took me an hour and a half to crawl across the floor by myself to the couch in the lounge near the office.

The next morning I put the DMSO I had bought back in 1983 on my back every hour for the next 3 days.I was back again moving furniture, doing construction and working building my warehouse at the end of the 3rd day.

The third major incident occurred in 1997 when I slipped backwards stepping off of my front porch steps in the middle of winter and put out my left hand to break my fall.Well, I broke my fall, but I also ripped my rotator cuff. I did not have health insurance at the time because I was working as a systems administrator contractor so I did not immediately go to a doctor. When I eventually went to a doctor,he told it was too late for him to help me. Anyway, the pain was so bad I could not go to sleep at night. As a matter of fact,both my shoulders hurt. I took Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate and learned that you needed the papaya enzyme,bromelain, to metabolize the glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate into cartilage. In the meantime, I put DMSO on both shoulders at night,the pain went away after about 10 minutes and I started getting a good night's sleep.

I use it all the time on bruises, aching feet and aching knee caps. Ten ounces of 99% DMSO will last me for about 10-12 months for only $12 a bottle. I always wonder why all the professional sports trainers do not use it with pro athletes. I am continually amazed by it. DMSO's only drawback is that it goes immediately to the blood stream, so you have to make sure there is nothing harmful on your skin, like bacteria or harmful chemicals. It is a natural substance, so it cannot be patented. It also cannot be subjected to a double-blind study because when you rub it on, you will either/and experience a prickly feeling or will have a taste similar to garlic in your mouth. Consequently, its efficacy cannot be validated by current scientific standards. It's worked miracles for me, though.

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