Noticing Signs Your Ex Still Loves You is One Thing, Reality is Another

Published: 18th February 2009
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Don't let signs your ex still loves you throw you off track. Try & remain focussed on what you are trying to achieve in terms of moving on with your life. If you get caught up in possible mind games, you're begging for a torrid time

Following a split with your soul mate & partner, you'll experience many painful moments and wildly varying emotions. Depressive bouts, anxiety, etc are feelings the you may experience because a substantial portion of your daily life has disappeared.

In this article I'll attempt to unravel the mystery that encapsulates what so many of us feel, at least once in our lives... what are the tell tale signs your ex still loves you?

Sometimes it's a Bolt Out of The Blue.

It's like there's a big empty hole where your partner was, a void that's impossible to fill, a 'hurt' that medication cannot heal. That knot in your abdomen that just keeps hanging around. You both probably did not understand just how difficult a break up could be, not realizing that, at the mention of your partner's name, your pulse would skip?

Many have absolutely no idea that it's coming, if you're one of them, my heart goes out to you. Some say that being asked to move on by a soul mate is actually harder to manage & overcome than a loved one who has passed away.

The reason being that the one that's moved on is still out there whereas a loved one who has passed away, is simply not around anymore, so no one can have them.

If you're constantly wondering if your ex still loves you , then you haven't moved on. Perhaps those times, when you were arguing or yelling at each other, you felt that the best way to stop all this is to just go your own ways, call it quits because it's just too hard.

Should You or Could You, Have Done it Differently?

Whereas now, you're possibly thinking that, had you had the time over again you may have done it a little differently.

Maybe you should have held back on some of those unnecessary, cynical comments that caused so much pain. Perhaps it all started over something pretty stupid that, in hindsight, may have been better off ignored.

But alas, one cannot change the past and the heartbreak & emptiness will not abate. It's impossible to get the thought out of your mind, does you ex still love you .

But Then... Possibly it's NOT Finished, Where's There's Life, There's Hope.

In a situation like this when we're wrapped up in our own emotions and wallowing in self pity, we sometimes, momentarily lose touch with reality. Unable to think clearly & 'reading' situations the wrong way, bacause our view on life is not as it should be.

Perhaps the friends of your ex partner are wondering if there are signs your ex still loves YOU? Your ex could very well be playing 'the cool game' masquerading as someone who is relaxed and in control of the situation.

In anxious &n threatening situations, we all have the ability to act as if nothing is wrong.

If the partnership you had was special and meaningful, there's little doubt that is was the same for your ex.

You both had equal shares in it and, following such a great relationship, it would have also been quite a dramatic life change for your ex. Regardless of why or how the split eventuated, you have both suffered a substantial loss.

If both of you are thinking the same thing, this is certainly one of the obvious signs your ex still loves you and what a wasted opportunity if that is in fact the case. Maybe the split has been a good thing, beneficial in terms of realising the value of each other and a relationship with a good person.

Don't let pride or your ego get in the way of trying for a reconciliation, why be miserable apart if you can both be happy together?

And... You'd Hate To Wonder 'What If... ' For The Rest of Your Days!

Hindsight is great, if only you could act on it & change what happened.. but you can't. You're best moving on & looking forward, not backwards. Based on my relationships in the past, I have experienced the pain, hurt & anger, neither of which are anything to look forward to.

Win, lose or draw you're going to save yourself many sleepless nights & miserable days if you 'make your move' sooner rather than later. It's best to find out now.

So c'mon... give it a go, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Either way you'll save yourself some pain. Forget searching for signs your ex still loves you, don't wait for your ship to come in, swim out & meet it.


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