Sample Character Reference Letter, Worth it's Weight in Gold

Published: 17th April 2009
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Some folks can whip up a sample character reference letter straight off the top of their head, for those who can't, it's a good idea to keep one on file.

If a person requests you to pen a letter, it goes without saying they would anticipate that it contained only good things about them. Did your Mom ever say to you, "If you have nothing nice to say about someone, then don't say anything"


Some businesses state that providing character reference letters is against company policy. If you're against writing one, certainly this makes it easy for you.

If the company you work for has this policy, it's possibly not a good move to go ahead & write one.

If the particular individual has high credibility & you rate them as such, then you really ahould write one... Grab a plain sheet to write it on. You may wish to check with your boss prior to writing it, the last thing you want to do is jeopardise you job.

Composing a good letter is very much an art so if you don't feel that you can produce a professional document, then don't ask someone else has the talent to do it.


Here is a sample to give you an idea to kick off with.

March 25 2009

Dear sir/madam, David Johnson has been employed with The Stevens Corporation since 2001 in the position of Chief Engineer.

Throughout his employment I've been extremely impressed by David's skill in his chosen career & his ability to put his skill to practice. He's an extremely strong communicator which has helped us to nurture our existing customers. Ever ready to put in the extra effort, David is diligent, proud of what he does has a great eye for design, and stays on track working on a plan.

Since joining us his contributions towards the company's growth has been significant and include improved product quality, greater an increase in our credibility and redesigning of outdated equipment.

David is a pleasure to work with and is a great team player.

All of us at here at The Stevens Corporation, and our customers, wish him every success in the future..

Yours sincerely,

Brian Jones


Your sample character reference letter, of course, should be written in an acceptable format so it falls in line with standard business letter writing.

And for the benefit of anyone wishes to contact you, make sure you include relevant details in your letter.

In the business world, communication is all important.


AND SPEAKING ABOUT COMMUNICATION... Those who are naturally strong communicators, particularly written communication, simply don't understand problems in this area. Communication problems are totally alien to them. If you would like to learn more about written business communication, check out this great site - it's loaded with lots of tips on business writing.

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