Smart Red Urban Saree

Published: 09th June 2011
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The urban saree is very much bewitching in its exotic geometric prints. The abstract printed saree is in an attractive red colour which has a contrast border decked in black, green and sequins. The border has beautiful appliqué pattern fixed in regular intervals. The stunning saree comes with a matching blouse material which is best stitched without sleeves and with square neck in the front and back. The geometric patterns used in the artificial georgette saree are very elegant enough for women in high profile jobs to use them to office. Using circle with multiple lines dissecting it is indeed a fresh idea and the designer’s imagination over the urban theme is highly admirable. The beautiful georgette fabric only flows gracefully through a woman’s torso adding freshness and enthusiasm to her day. The captivating urban saree has a totally novel border idea which adds to the elegance. It is a peppy saree indeed for a hectic summer day.

The pleated region is simply awesome in the saree. The pleats make the saree spectacular. They are neatly tiled through the saree in a calculated way. The sharpness that the abstract design imparts makes the saree a smart wear. White and red have been a winning colour combination and have been used in the right proportion through the saree. The distribution of colours has also been done in a subtle way. The border frame complements the body work. Using sequins give the saree a party feel but otherwise it has an air of sober and formal elegance in it. The symmetrical appliqué patch which is placed through the border periodically is simply incredible. The appliqué patch uses resham embroidery in zari, pale orange, black and red threads to complete its flawless look. The designer’s imagination is well grasped by the skilled labor which results in this spectacular saree.

White and red glass bangles could be mixed with silver bangles for this saree. One could use silver chains with red and white kundan studded pendants. Red studded eardrops would be apt for this saree. One could use pure red jewelry which would blend well with the saree or use white jewelry which would make a statement while contrasting the red colour. Similarly red accessories like red slippers and handbags are sober in comparison to the white accessories which are bold. One could also mix red and white in the accessories instead of having it monotone.

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