SMC, Specialty Merchandise Corporation

Published: 21st June 2008
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SMC, Specialty Merchandise Corporation, has been in business for years.

Basically what SMC does is allow you to sell their products. The idea is that you will buy them at a low price and then sell them high.

This is great in theory. But after talking to a large number of people that work from home, with SMC, I have yet to find a single person who can support him or herself from their SMC income.

SMC has run ads in small business magazines for several years. They have also produced a large number of infomercials.

SMC's success with their infomercials is largely due to the fact that they did choose the right person to be spokesman for the company.

Tom Bosley, the dad from "Happy Days".

Tom is the ultimate spokesman because he just looks like someone you trust. After all, he played an all American, no nonsense, and strict dad on television so it just makes sense that America trusts him.

SMC mostly specializes in giftware, jewelry, collectables and general merchandise. They offer a lot of neat things and knickknacks for women to accessorize and display around the house.

The number one reason that I am bothered by about this kind of business is the degree of competition. The second problem with this type of business is the low margins. once again you will most likely be sell ing them at cos because of so many people selling the same product.

Yes SMC has signed up thousands of SMC vendors over the years and the popularity of the program has created a large number of copycat companies. They also have become part of your competition, not just the huge number of people who have bought into SMC.

With large competition and a low profit margin I don't think you are actually going to get rich with the SMC system.

The websites that SMC supplies you are nice, but the problem is they look like the same cookie cutter has cut them all out. Search engines strongly dislike duplicate websites and very often don't give them much page ranking. If you could build your own unique SMC website, you'd probably make out a lot better. However, SMC will not allow their vendors to build their own custom websites.

IMO, SMC is a very solid company that will be around for a longtime, but I really don't think it's an easy way to make a lot of money.



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