Special Report On Bad Knee Cartilage - Brace Yourself For Pain Reduction

Published: 08th April 2009
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Bad knee cartilage makes no distinction between age or sex and can affect both young and older men and women. There are many reasons why you might have this condition. It can be caused by a sports injury, or just from the wear and tear on the joint over the years.

1.) How is Bad Knee Cartilage Diagnosed?

If you are suffering from painful knees, it is important that you should go to an orthopedic surgeon or other qualified physician, who will be able to make a proper diagnosis after examining your knee X-Rays. Pain in the knees can be caused by a number of different factors and it is important to pinpoint the cause before the appropriate treatment can be recommended. Self-diagnosis followed by the wrong course of self-treatment could actually worsen the pain.

2.) What Are Some Things You Can Do To Help Treat Bad Knee Cartilage?

Surgery is an option for bad knee cartilage, although it is not the only option. The type of surgery that your doctor will recommend depends on how badly the cartilage has been damaged. The process can be very helpful but a recovery time will be required, and the procedure may be costly.

3.) Can Medication Help?

Many doctors will prescribe medication for the pain that is associated with this condition, although this is only a temporary fix. Doctors today are aware of the addictive qualities of pain medications and are not always eager to prescribe them.

4.) Are There Positive Results From Using A Knee Brace?

Knee braces for support and to help maintain proper alignment can also be used with a lot of positive results. If your pain is triggered by moving excessively at the knee joint then these braces can act as a reminder for you. They can be acquired very quickly and can greatly reduce your knee pain due to the support that they can provide.

A.) Which activities can you still participate in with a knee brace?

When you are using a knee support, often times you are still allowed a wide range of motion, unless your physician forbids it. Excessive movements can be controlled, and may very well be in your favor to do so.

B.) Are knee braces really big and hard to wear?

A knee support is something that you will need to wear to enjoy the benefits of its use. It will inevitably take up a small amount of space, like anything else you put on your body, but many low profile styles and designs do exist today. If you think about it, knee brace companies probably would have been out of business a long time ago if everyone thought they were "big and bulky".

If you are suffering from a bad knee cartilage, the treatment that you choose depends on your lifestyle and how active you want to be. You can choose to get surgery on your knee or use a knee brace to help stop the pain and to help allow you to enjoy your every day activities.


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