The Pros And Cons Of GoDaddy Domains

Published: 14th July 2009
Views: N/A is one of today's leading registrars to get a domain name for your website. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages of working with this company.

What's great about their services is that they have very competitive pricing, reliable service, and they also offer more than just domain names. It's also nice to work with a company that is established and services so many websites on the net today.

On the other hand, one down side to going with a big name is that sometimes you pay more for the same services or products. That could be true with GoDaddy, just depending what package you are going for, and which companies you are comparing them to. It comes down to an overall value issue, which only you individually can truly gauge for yourself.

When you visit, the website is pretty straightforward. Some of their top offers are listed prominently on the homepage. When you click the offers you get more information on specifics that are included with each offer. It also allows you to search right away for the .com name (or other domain) that you want. It lets you know whether it's available, and offers you discounts on other domain extensions.

Arguably, the site does look a little complicated and the text is very small. It's hard to know exactly what is going on, unless you're the type of person who doesn't mind a lot of busy text all over the place. While it's nice not to have to hunt for fine print, it's another thing entirely to have every detail all clustered together in one small space. There are a lot of buttons in the menu bar and it's kind of frustrating trying to navigate your way around the site. is currently trusted by a great many businesses both small and large, but just keep in mind that it's not your only option. Didn't your mama tell you to shop around? So shop and compare before you decide which registrar to purchase your domain and other website services from.Compare GoDaddy Domains to other domain name providers.

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