Vibration Eleven, Twenty-Two and Thirty Three - Part IV

Published: 10th January 2007
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Vibration Eleven, Twenty-Two and Thirty-Three v By Joseph Ghabi

Here is the next set of vibrations. In my previous articles we
looked at Vibration One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight
and Nine for those whose life path happened to be one of those

If your date of birth adds up to 11/2, 22/4 or 33/6, here is some
explanation of your destiny. You need to remember that before your
final vibration there are two numbers that determined your Life
Path. In our case here we do have a double digit 11, 22 and 33.
Review well 1, 2 and 3 because of their importance in your life.
Those two numbers are very important to consider in order to bring
yourself in alignment and to prepare for you being on this plane, at
this particular point in time. Your life path can be either a high
vibration or a low vibration life path. You cannot be 11 before
understanding well its lower vibration 2(1+1). The same goes for 22
or 4(2+2) and 33 or 6(3+3).

Let's take someone who is born on:
October 27 1985 = 1 + 0 + 2 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 5 = 33/6

As you will see 33/6, you need to really understand 3 and 6 in this
case. The two numbers before our life path are really important and
are your early experiences and lessons in life. These numbers are
only the preparation for your life Path. In the case of Master
numbers we only have one number to deal with.

If a Master Number is in your life path, it did not happen by
chance. Your soul is looking forward to it, for what it can bring to
the growth required for the soul evolution. Sometimes these energies
are very strong for people to handle. We can always start to work
with their lower vibrations respectively. People with these numbers
in many cases find themselves not understood by their family and
friends. They feel lonely and weird. Many can attempt suicide at
certain points in their lives as life moves too fast for them.
Master Numbers are after making worldwide changes and elevating
other souls.

Review these numbers from previous articles or visit my website.

The Intuitive Eleven v Practical Visionary

Eleven possesses the qualities of intuition, patience, honesty,
sensitivity, and spirituality, and is idealistic. You are a great
leader. You can/could be a very good minister or religious leader.
Eleven vibration means: you are an idealist, a dreamer, and
sometimes a mystic. Having much vision, you should be an inspiration
to others. People enjoy being in your surroundings for your
inspiration and support. You can open doors and help others reach
greater achievements. Being psychic, you should follow your hunches.
You belong on a platform giving speeches or sermons, for people like
to listen to you. You must learn to be practical and carry out your
plans. Otherwise, you are apt to live in the clouds and accomplish
nothing. You must learn to keep appointments, and be on time for
them. Others turn to people who are Eleven for teaching and
inspiration, and are usually uplifted by the experience. You should
think of others first, by serving mankind, instead of concentrating
on affairs that will yield well only for yourself.

It is necessary for people who are Eleven to avoid the negatives of
being, stubborn, inflexible, unrealistic and temperamental. You
should avoid projecting your own faults onto others, or imposing
standards on others that are too high for them to be realistically

Eleven lives in two worlds. On practical days, it vibrates with the
Two. If you feel you are still in your Two vibration, consult our
previous article on that vibration. On days that it senses its full
nature, it is of an energy that translates from a world beyond.
Therefore, Number Eleven's energy is:

= Awareness
= Six-senses
= Creative
= Sensitive
= Dreamy
= Inspiring
= Illumination
= Leadership

The Improving Twenty-Two v Practical Optimism

Twenty-Two possesses the qualities of imagination, loyalty, secrecy,
optimism, and heightened perception. Twenty-Two vibration means: you
are a practical idealist. You not only have visions, but you can see
things on a large scale and are able to carry out your plans to
achieve your goal. You heard in your surroundings an Eleven
discussions by some inspiring people but you are determined to take
their message further. You are a master builder, bringing order to
the world. You always have things in good order in presentation to
the world around you. You are an internationalist. Your power and
influence can be far reaching. You should launch projects for the
benefit of humanity. You are able to deal with groups effectively.
You are hard working, consistent, well organized and tolerant, and
can be a very generous supporter. You aim to leave the world in a
better state than the one in which you found it. Much is expected of
you, for Twenty-Two is very high number. Many of these expectations
are coming from you, because you are aware of your own vibration and
the energy around you. If you do not live up to your
responsibilities, you may revert to living as a Four.

It is necessary for people who are Twenty-Two to avoid the negatives
of being pessimistic, cynical, selfish, manipulative, or of
developing an inferiority complex. In the extreme, you could become
malicious and dictatorial.

If we build upon a foundation of precision and balance, we will have
a master plan. On a practical day, the Twenty-Two becomes the Four.
When Twenty-Two senses its full capacity, it can achieve what is
barely imaginable. The qualities the Number Twenty-Two embraces are:

= Mastery of vast co-creative projects
= Great Achievement
= Ingenuity
= Idealism
= Pace setter
= High Energy
= Master Builder

The Burdened Thirty-Three v Worldly Farsighted

Thirty-Three is the most difficult number of all to bear, as it is
the number representing martyrdom and unconditional love. Many of
Thirty-Three are on this plane at this time to bring new
transformation and bring new consciousness to this planet. Thirty-
Three vibration means: you are too powerful and advanced a number
for many individuals to handle at this time. You are spaced out most
of the time. People do not understand you easily at the moment, but
will remember your words later on. When Thirty-Three has been
calculated as the total of a name or destiny of a person, they are
greatly advanced spiritually. Thirty-Three combines the imaginative
self-expression of the `Three' with the ability of the Six to
respond and nurture. You are a master teacher who could guide the
inquiring student into all areas of the known and unknown fields of
knowledge and human experience. You are the teacher of all teachers.

You are a great healer. People are attracted to your energy at all
time. Once your vibration opens to its full potential you become
very charismatic and magnetic. The fully developed Thirty-Three
would be a master performer, enchanting an audience while
communicating or indoctrinating the listeners into whatever area the
Thirty-Three chooses to guide the contender. The Number Thirty-Three
possesses the qualities of healing, spiritual warmth, and caring,
fighting for the oppressed, and taking on the worries of the world.
Others, particularly children, are drawn to people who are Thirty-
Three by their love. Much is expected of you, for a Thirty-Three is
the highest master number possible. If you do not live up to your
responsibilities, you may revert to living as a Six. It is necessary
for people who are Thirty-Three to avoid the negatives of being
interfering and afraid to heal themselves and others. 'Thirty-
Threes' can also wallow in self-pity, even when it is unnecessary,
always becoming the martyr. This can attract others who would take
advantage of the negatives of Thirty-Three.

Within the essence lies enormous potential for Thirty-Three. On a
practical day, Thirty-Three becomes Six. When it senses its full
capacity as teacher of all teachers, Thirty-Three plays a role that
will help make the big changes needed to the world. The qualities
the Number Thirty-Three embraces are:

= Master Teacher
= Worldly success
= Perfection
= Compassion
= Skill and Fame
= Wisdom
= Unconditional Love

This is the end of this series.

About the Author:

At the age of eight Joseph discovered his clairvoyance. Joseph is
natural medium presently teaching meditation, numerology, and
provides numerology consultation and healing consultation.
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