What Women Want In A Man: How To Win the Heart of Your Special Lady

Published: 05th June 2008
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We've all known successful Lotharios who never seem to be without one or two (or more!) women who are crazy about them. Most of the time, they aren't the best looking men around, or the richest, or the most powerful. They just seem to have some mysterious gift that encourages women to give them their hearts. What's their secret?

There is no secret. They just understand women and more importantly - understand what makes women fall in love. You can be one of those men, too. Whether you want to be more successful with a variety of women or just hope to win the heart of one special lady, there are a few basic things to remember that will win women's hearts every time.

1) Make her feel special

Women, like men, are attracted to good-looking people. But very few women will fall for a man just because he's handsome.

Sure, that may get her attention at first, but handsome men often find themselves out of luck when it comes to love. Why? Because they're not focusing their attention where it needs to be - on her.

What you look like is far less important, I've found, than how you look at her. She wants to feel like you're really seeing her, and that you're paying attention to her interests, her needs, and her opinions.

Every woman has gone out with a man who talks about nothing but himself, and there's no bigger turn-off. But if you make her the center of attention and make a sincere effort to listen to what she has to say, she'll be attracted back.

If you find her interesting enough to focus on her completely, she'll want to spend more time with you - because she'll see that you genuinely care about who she is as a person.

While you're focusing on her and making conversation, stay upbeat and happy. On a fundamental level, she's imagining what a relationship with you would be like, and if you do nothing but complain about your co-workers, make snide remarks about other people, or mope about how crummy your life is, she's not going to be imagining a very happy future with you.

If her life isn't going to better with you in it than it is right now, why should she spend time with you? So present yourself as someone who enjoys life, has a sense of humor, and will make her world a happier place if she chooses you as a mate.

2) Money won't buy love

Most men seem to think that they have to have money for a woman to fall in love with them, as if a good job and a nice car is all that women care about. Not only is that insulting to women, it's just a ridiculous notion. Yes, financial security is important to women, but there are other qualities that are more important - compatibility, for example. Honesty. Compassion.

If you don't have a lot of money, think of all the qualities that you bring to the table that would make you an excellent partner - your sense of humor, your kindness, your affectionate nature. Money doesn't guarantee happiness, and most women know this.

Offer her a varied menu of high-caliber personality traits, and you'll win over a boring rich guy every time.

That does mean, however, that you have to actually have those good qualities. For a woman to really fall in love with you, you need to be a well-balanced, responsible person. Yes, there are women who fall in love with flakes, just as there are women who fall in love with men who are flat-out crazy. But is that the sort of woman you want to be with?

To attract the sort of woman worth having, be the kind of man she deserves. Be someone she can depend on - that means showing up when you say you will, and keeping your promises.

If you want her to think of you as a great long-term prospect, you have to be someone that she'd trust with her bank account, and her children, and her heart. So be that guy!

The best way to get someone to fall in love with you is to be someone worth loving. So become the smart, interesting, well-groomed man that you know you can be, and she'll start noticing you.


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