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Published: 02nd September 2009
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The new age that approaches is that of the business for Internet.

The Internet came to revolutionize the age of the business and employments If you like to have your own work from house and assurance the first thing you must ensure that work is for companies that pay for your work

Like Google, clickbank, ebay o Amazon.

But knowing who can help me to be rich? You should find on the internet guru who can help you earn money and not lose the money I have stolen scammers!!

The gurus that I can recommend are: John reese, frank kern,mack michaels, matt callen, brad callen and joel comm.

Want begin your business from home in just 15 minutes???

Now you begin to work from home, in this case you will have yor own bussines and see what i say is true.

Go to clickbank and sign up in the section affiliates.

For those who do not know that clickbank, clickbank is a website where we can sell our own products or products of other people, in this case we sell products of other people.

Complete the data in the section affiliates, in the section choice a nickname for yor new account, you write the nick that used to promote products.

Once you have created your account go to marketplace to choose the product you sell, choose the category health & fitness and stor by high gravity. Now you can choose the first o the second product. High gravity means that the product has many sales, once you haven choosen the product you sell go to create hoplink and enter the clickbank nickname you chose to register and click create.

The first link is the one that you promote and for every sale you make through this link you will earn $32 to $43 dollars depending on the product you choose.

Now the question is.. How to promote this link?

Go to trafficswarm.Com and complete data and enter the link of clickbank in the section manage your site promotion and click in add a new site adress, complete the four steps and the fifth you put this product in the category health & fitness. In the sixhth step you decide how many crdits will be willing to spend per day and click update, now you should see the status of your link in the section manage your site promotions you see that your site is pending approval, but this take a few hours to approve it, so do not worry. Trafficswarm is a website traffic exchange, you will see some pages and other users will see yours, to earn credits go where it says surf for credits.

You see one page and should expect the time end, and that's it, one credit is one visit and one visit is a potential sale. and that's it, just wait for someone to buy and you'll earn money

To earn money on internet we must have 3 tools:

1)a good product

2)Good presentation


These 3 steps separate us from the wealth, Nowadays you can have these 3 free tools.

On my site I'll show you to bring a million visitors to your clickbank affiliate link free, beside other great free strategies

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